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Arclight Creations Sp. z o.o.

Founding Date

3th of April 2019

Based in

Warsaw, Poland

Company Assets



Arclight Creations is an independent studio founded in 2019 in Warsaw. Our goal is to provide original and engaging stories that draw attention with interesting mechanics and beautiful visuals.


Arclight Creations was founded by Kamil Szelągowski and Wioletta Szelągowska in 3 April 2019 in Warsaw. The first game of studio was Help Will Come Tomorrow – a narrative survival game set in 1917 Syberia.



Discovering Galimore is an isometric life-sim adventure game with real-time combat, settlement expansion, and a unique discovery mechanic that helps you gather knowledge about the island’s fantastic flora and creatures. As part of the community, you will play a significant role in the process of rebuilding a lost settlement on an island full of mysterious and rather unusual inhabitants!


Catalogue Flora & Fauna

Track and discover the amazing creatures and plants of Galimore Island. Learn about their behavior and the conditions under which they appear. Weather, time of day, and season all play a significant role. Complete your explorer’s book with new entries and observations. Collect them all and become a walking encyclopedia of Galimore!


Restore your settlement

Cut trees, harvest crops, gather gems, stones, and ores, along with rarer resources found deep in the 4 different biomes.Raise new buildings and investigate your finds to discover new recipes. Use your knowledge to make your village great again!


Tell your story

Create your hero from scratch and interact with over 25 NPCs. Express your style with clothes, accessories, and decorations. Engage in a variety of activities: explore, fish, garden, and spend time with the locals. The choice is yours!



  • Discover and catalog the island’s fauna and flora
  • Establish relationships with over 25 NPCs
  • Help your tribe build a new village from scratch
  • Solve the problems of settlers and mysterious island inhabitants
  • Fight a variety of creatures along your way
  • Immerse yourself in the world of 2.5D cartoon graphics
  • Grow crops, cook, and craft unique items to help you on your adventures

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